Bear Grylls and Pete Wicks row over Towie star stopping a pig from being eaten on Celebrity Island.

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Bear Grylls and Pete Wicks row over Towie star stopping a pig from being eaten on Celebrity Island
Bear Grylls and Pete Wicks had a war of words over the Towie star refusing to let anyone eat a pig that died on Celebrity Island. During the series, which sees 10 celebrities dumped on an island and left to fend for themselves, a pig wandered onto the island and ended up hanging itself in the rope used to catch it. Pete persuaded the other celebrities not to eat the pig, which he named Colin in a bid to protect it from the other hungry islanders, as he had recently turned pescatarian. Instead Colin was buried at sea. Explorer Grylls caught up with the celebs during the last episode and challenged Pete about forcing his views on the rest of the camp. Antony Ogogo told Bear that he knew the pig would keep them fed for a couple of days but ‘I didn’t want to upset Pete’. Bear replied: ‘What if Pete had said, “no more water”? What happens when you’re not getting fish? What happens when you’re getting weaker?’
At what level do you say, “I really respect that but we need energy, we need to travel, we need to move”.’ ‘The choice we had was that half of us start to eat meat and cook it, or we split the group up,’ said Martin Kemp. Pete said: ‘At the end of the day, I put a lot of pressure to provide food for the time I was here, whether it was trying to find yucca, which we did, or fish.’ Bear interrupted: ‘The thing is you didn’t find yucca, you found a tiny little bit of yucca. I know this island well. It is jammed with yucca. You would have had enough yucca within 200 metres of here to feed you fried meals all day every day.

‘The truth is you didn’t do it because you didn’t have the energy, and the truth is you didn’t have the energy because you weren’t eating.’ A representative for Channel 4 revealed in a statement ahead of the pig gate episode airing that they had decided to show the footage in order to ‘give a faithful account of their time on the island.’